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Accessories for pos-terminals Nurit

Among the other models of POS-terminals, pos-terminals of brand Nurit brand occupy a worthy place. In our country, widespread models Nurit 8010, 8020, и 8320, slightly different in functionality, allows anyone to fulfill their needs. But as with other models, for terminals Nurit necessary supplies, repair pos spare parts Nurit that extend the capabilities of the terminal, such as accumulators, cables, power supplies and thermal printers.

All this you can purchase in our online store Send your request and we will let you know the cost and delivery time.

Order accessories to pos-terminals on site and get attractive prices and terms of delivery! Pos spare parts are delivered to the CIS countries and Europe. Wholesale buyers are stipulated discounts.

The cost of goods depends on the amount of the order and the delivery method.
Send a message - and we have over 24 hours will report the value of pos parts.